Month: May 2011

Memorial Day Tap

Looking for refreshing beers this memorial day weekend? The KT team tapped these last night and all around throughly enjoyed them.  Hennepin was the first to go followed by the St. Barnardus Tripel. The Saison Dupont was also a great hit not as fruity as the Hennepin so for those that like just a hint of citrus, this is the one to have… STAY...

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Unibroue – La Terrible

Let me first start off by saying La Fin Du Monde is my favorite beer, so I’m excited to taste this ale. Trois Pistoles is also a great beer so building off of that reputation I have high hopes for this beer. I’m not one for the design of the bottle but I really like the subtle yet sophisticated plain bottle, it doesn’t try hard to catch you with fancy advertising, unlike the other old world looks of Unibroue beers. This is just a bottle with silver lettering; humble yet stands out for its simplicity. There’s no cold activated bottle or super wide mouth its just a plain brown bottle, which you might miss when you’re looking for it in your favorite beer place. When you first pour this beer you notice one thing, it’s extremely dark. So dark I thought they might have miss labeled the bottle but its a dark ale so let’s get this going. As I salivate while pouring my glass, I tried to get a good head on the beer but it was just stubborn and couldn’t get more then a thin line of bubbles (after reading a few reviews later, that’s the way it pours). Smelling it you can smell raisins or plums really strong. Tasting it confirmed it was raisins and has really good carbonation. Its a strong beer so another thing you get is a huge gulp of alcohol...

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Inaugural Beer Tasting

Last night the Keg Tap team got together and tasted three beers: Unibroue La Terrible, Uinta Crooked Line – Cockeyed Cooper and Allagash White. The hardiest beer was by far the Cockeyed Cooper, the aging in the oak barrel for five months really defines the beer and gives it a hardy bold flavor. At one point it was described as drinking liquor and not beer but we all finished our helping and enjoyed our sample of beer. The first thing you notice when you pour La Terrible is it’s dark color, very similar to stout but with very little head....

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