Month: June 2011

3 Ways to Get Through a Crowded Bar with a Beer

OK so you waited 10 mins to get your beer and got slightly pissy because that guy just walked up to the bar and got a drink and you’ve been here 5 mins already.  But now it doesn’t matter you’ve paid for your beer and your mission is to walk through this crowd without spilling your beer. (Disclaimer: If your beer was poured in a plastic cup, do not attempt the following maneuvers) You turn around with your clear bottle in hand and you see nothing but people eager to bump into you and knock into your beer and if your lucky,...

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Anchor Summer Beer

Despite Anchor Steam Christmas Ale 2010 being one of the highlights of my winter, I have always passed this beer up for something else. Its a summer beer, so what is there to expect right? A light crisp pilsner-esque beer that’s more geared towards that Corona crowd and not for the likes of the Keg Tap.  But like the Atkins diet and bread, it has always called to me, giving me those puppy dog beer eyes. With the reputation of Liberty Ale and Anchor Steam in their wake, how bad can it be? Enter Father’s Day 2011 and in...

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Dogfish Head – World Wide Stout

Let me start off by saying that I really wasn’t a big fan of dark complex beer. I was more of a pilsner-wheat even a blonde drinker. The older I get, I’m starting to realize that my taste buds are starting mature. Now don’t get me wrong I still love my wheat beers but I’m starting to have a great respect for stouts and porters and their complex taste. Dogfish Head’s World Wide Stout (WWS) is starting to become one of my favorites not only because of its high alcohol content which is 18%, but because of its complexity....

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Dogfish Head – Sah’tea

Last night I found myself looking for a beer to buy that my wife would enjoy as much as I would enjoy. Walking through my local beer mega-mart I picked up Dogfish Head Theobroma for me and Brooklyn Sorachi Ace for her. As I stared at the shelves and shelves of beer double fisted with a beer bottle in each hand I hear “That’s a great beer, you’ll love it” I look to my right and ask the gentleman which one and he replied “the Sorachi.” I said thank you its for my wife and proceeded to make a...

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