Month: July 2011

The Curious Case of Imperial Pilsner: My Antonia Dogfish Head

The lucky man I am, I get a text from my Sister-in-Law that she got me a beer. She works at a wine store, not to be confused with a liquor store so she has access to quality beer at discount prices, talk about a perfect combo :) Ok so when she gets here I already have a smile ear to ear from the River Horse Tripel and the Steen Brugge Tripel me and my wife just went through. So I saved it for the next day … Its the next day and the temperature in New Jersey has...

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3 delish Oregon IPAs

For my first post I’m writing about one of the best mirco styles in Oregon: India Pale Ale or IPA. This is currently my favorite style of beer. I tasted and compared three IPAs  the other night. These are beers that I’ve drank before but sipped on, side by side, specifically for this blog. The three are from: Rogue Brewery based inNewport, Or (on the coast); Ninkasi Brewery based inEugene, Or (the home of the Mighty Oregon Ducks!); and Deschutes Brewery based inBend inCentral Oregon. Rogue’s beer is Brutal IPA (59 IBU*, ABV ~6%*). Ninkasi’s beer is Total Domination IPA (65 IBU, ABV 6.7%) andDeschutes is Hop Henge Experimental IPA...

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Good Beer Is Universal

Just got out of an awesome Belgium bar in Beijing China.  Gonna struggle at my 9 AM meeting but worth it, it is 3:15.  Some awesome beers were drank, this one ruled – it is brewed only once a year, tasted awesome, alcohol level or around 10 percent, and came in a huge bottle.  It cost around 35 bucks, but my company is picking up the tab so forget it! Just goes to show that good beer can be universally accepted no matter the race, ethnicity or...

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Fist Pumping With River Horse Tripel

So as I found myself in my happy place, my local beer mega mart, I get a call from my wife that I needed to get home ASAP to have dinner. There was only one thing to do, grab a staple and something of the style I like from a company I like, in walks Steen Brugge Tripel and River Horse Tripel. Having riding a high from the River Horse Double Wit, I decided to go with it instead of Allagash tripel which I’ve also been dying to taste after falling deeply in love with Allagash Curieux. But River...

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Drinkin’ and thinkin’

So as I sit here and ponder the meaning of life, all while watching the All-Star game and guzzling what’s left of my Sam Adams Latitude 48 IPA, I got to thinking – Why is St. Patrick’s Day the only real day of celebration for beer lovers? I mean, we celebrate anytime we want, but the only real officially recognized holiday is March 17th. I know Oktoberfest is huge in European circles, but it hasn’t quite caught on with the American types. Unless of course, you’re a beer aficionado. Why not have another day devoted entirely to hop-heads and...

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