Month: October 2011

Halloween Party Beer Essentials

A party is not complete without the right kind of beverages. So if you want to have the perfect pairing of beer to party goers, here’s a swell list to get your party shufflin’. For Beer Enthusiasts: Southern Tier Pumking (sweet) Weyerbacher Imperial Pumkin Ale (spicy) For Beer Bros: Elysian The Great Pumpkin (spicy) Schlafly Pumpkin Ale (spicy/sweet) For Beer Beginners: Southampton Pumpkin Ale Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale Also see our past reviews of pumpkin ales at In Search of the PumpKING, In Search of the PumpKING: Redux or Oktoberfest Shootout (aka The Hitchhikers Guide to Oktoberfest)...

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The Chocolate Surprise: Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

So my wife asked for some chocolate and I brought home Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and Southern Tier Choklat. Perfect right? lol. We can only drink one at a time so the Southern Tier will have to come another night. It doesn’t have a high alcohol content and isn’t bitter in the least bit, but a 500 ml bottle (17 ounces) set me back $5, ouch. THE JUICY STUFF It pours a dark almost black stout color with a tremendous amount of head. As I was pouring it I didn’t notice much head so I elevated the bottle to...

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Two West Coast Refreshers: Stone Ruination & Full Sail The Sanctuary

  Tonight I tasted two micros from the Best Coast… I mean West Coast. The first one comes from Full Sail Brewery, home of my favorite IPA, which is a Brewmaster reserve concoction from what the brewery refers to as a “mad scientist.” The Sanctuary which is a Belgian Style Dubbel (ABV 7%, IBU 20). This beer is bold amber in color with a light to medium head. It goes down well with little after taste. The smell of it reminds me of a similar styles’ stronger brother the tripel. Although the tri ferms are not my cup of...

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Planting a new Hoegaarden: Southampton Double White

If you tried Hoegaarden and loved it, you must step up your game and get a six pack of Southampton Double White STAT! The beer has that light and fluffy Hoegaarden feel but with a slightly different smack to the face. Its like if the brewers at Hoegaarden accidently tripped on the ingredients and added more spices to a batch of brew. A more robust full flavored witbeer that is sure to please has just been born. Ok let me try and describe this to you. It pours out a golden haze and shows some impressive head but that quickly dissipates so hurry...

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The Tripel Blonde at The Office

Saturday Oct 8, 2011 – We convened at Rob’s house again for the next brewing. This time, Nate brought us a Belgian Tripel to sink our teeth into. It was amazing how much and how many assorted sugars go into this to create the high ABV level of a tripel. After all, it is the interaction with the yeast that converts the sugars to alcohol. During the brewing, we also popped open and began pouring the Imperial Blonde Ale that we brewed back on July 4th weekend. It was a hazy golden amber color, with plenty of sediment/yeast still...

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