Month: September 2012

Buffalo IPA – Flying Bison’s West Coast Gambit

Flying Bison Buffalo IPA – 6.2% ABV Every now and then I get the hankering to try something different. Being a malt-forward guy, I’m often somewhat iffy when trying pale ales, IPAs, sours, etc. I’ll try them, don’t get me wrong, but something with more body and a little more sweetness than bitterness is right in my wheelhouse. But since I am one to enjoying new things, I will throw caution to the wind and give it a go. Today we have Buffalo IPA from Flying Bison Brewing Co., based out of Buffalo, NY. In an effort to counter...

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Does Organic Taste Better?Fish Tale Organic IPA

Fish Tale IPA (6.5% ABV, 42 IBU) Thinking I’d ride the wave of organic, is better tonight I tasted a beer from Fish Brewing Company located in Washington’s capitol of Olympia.This organic IPA is called Fish Tale (6.5% ABV, 42 IBU). 42 IBUs!? Wow that is pretty low for an IPA. Anyway living in Portland I have plenty of friends and co workers who are into organic this, organic that, and not all are hippies. Many people in the NW are like that and love to also do what they can to save the environment like recycle pop cans and...

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Stone the Crows Firestone Walker Union Jack Is Here (video)

Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA 7.5% ABV I like Double IPAs (DIPA)but I don’t like drinking one or two glasses and being done for the night. The problem I have though is that on average single IPAs can’t match the flavor and complexity of a Double IPA. So here’s my quandary: finding a beer that has the flavor of a DIPA but the ABV of a Single IPA and the results are usually disappointing. UNTIL NOW! Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA is everything I’ve been looking for in an IPA. Lower ABV (7.5%) and great flavor all in a refreshing...

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Going South with Lazy Magnolia Deep South Pale Ale

Lazy Magnolia Deep South Pale Ale – 5.2% ABV Lazy Magnolia is a microbrewery from the heart of the Deep South – Mississippi – the town of Kiln to be exact. When I got these in a recent delivery from UPS, I was excited to see what the South had to offer. Everything I taste these days is from one of the two polar ends of the craft beer planet – either from the Northeast (as that is where I am) or from California or the Pacific Northwest. Both are major craft brew regions. I wanted to find something...

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Gettin’ My Monk On – La Trappe Isid’or

La Trappe Isid’or Trappist Ale – 7.5% ABV Belgian Ales are always a nice change from the typical malt-heavy stouts or the hop-forward tartness of an IPA. I have had my share of Belgians and have enjoyed them all. My colleague Irving is a huge Belgian beer lover and I can understand his amorous attitude towards those brews. This particular beer we have today is a good old fashioned trappist ale, straight from the old country. Today I’m drinking La Trappe Isid’or. In case we’ve forgotten to indulge you before, here is a little bit of a back story or...

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