Month: November 2012

Lone Star Love – My Trip Home to Texas and Texas Beer

I just got back from an action-packed trip to Dallas/Fort Worth, TX; or more commonly known to the locals as DFW. I was spending a four day weekend down south in my hometown. The main point of my trip was to go and see a friend get married. This is someone I consider the third little sister I never had. She is the same age as the older of my two younger sisters. Her older brother and I have known each other for more than 20 years, driven to school together and of course shared many a fun beer-fueled evening...

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Move Over Eggnog! Goose Island Christmas Ale (video)

Goose Island Christmas Ale 7.3% ABV Its that time of year again when we all start to think of cold winter nights huddle around a fireplace while the glow of the Christmas tree shines bright in the background. Its a season cherished by many and lauded as being the holiday of holidays, the one time of year where everyone is happy and any misfortunes can be drowned in Christmas carols and eggnog. I say that we knock that overly rich/fattening eggnog off our counter and replace it with some of the best Christmas beers on earth, Goose Island Christmas Ale. With that glowing introduction I bring you my video review of Goose Island Christmas Ale. The Keg Tap Rating:...

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Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers

It’s that time of year again when we stop pretending we waited on long lines during Black Friday to get gifts for other people and start thinking about what to get for those loved ones in our lives. Now that you got your 60 inch plasma screen for $3 let me give you a few ideas on what gifts for craft beer lovers should be on your list.   Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers Under $25 Beer Infuser (aka Tea Tumbler) A few years ago Dogfish Head introduced something called a Randall then a Randall Jr. which are in essence ways...

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Giving Thanks to Beer: Thanksgiving Beer Recommendations

Thanksgiving Beer Over the last few years I have had to sit ideally by while wine drinkers claimed their place at the table of thanksgiving everywhere. I’m not averse to wine but grapes can only go so far in variations of flavor. Normally you have either a good, bad or okay glass of wine and while there are undertones and different processes that bring differences and subtleties in the drink, it pales in comparison to the diversity in beers in any one specific style. The diversity in beers allows it to be more easily adaptable and paired with specific foods than wine,...

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Spreading the Wealth – My First Craft Beer Tasting Gig

Teach them well… I really enjoy working for my company. Not only is the work environment itself a good one, but it offers its employees numerous extracurricular activities to partake in when they are not on the clock handling the business of the day. Several great ways to de-stress. Not long ago, one such event was a wine tasting. They had sommeliers pour various wine styles for attendees and gave a sort of formal education on wine in a seminar-style atmosphere in the after-hours. The event proved to be a success. Not long ago, I had been recognized as a beer guy in my office. There...

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