Month: June 2013

Odell St. Lupulin … bow before me.

Odell St. Lupulin 6.5% ABV 46 IBUs Bow before me and receive your refreshment faithful follower.  St. Lupulin has shined down upon me and I am grateful.  Odell has yet to disappoint me.  Not only do they brew fantastic beer but they are right down the street from me, so hoping over to partake in their wonderful concoctions is easy.  This was the case with their seasonal release of St. Lupulin, an extra pale ale coming in at 6.5% ABV and 46 IBU.  In Fort Collins, the release of St. Lupulin is somewhat of a city wide holiday and all...

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Sucker Punched by Odell IPA (video)

Odell IPA 7% ABV 60 IBU I love when I’m not expecting much from a beer and I get smacked in the face like Charlie Murphy by Rick James. Its those moments where you think you had the best or tried one of the best styles of a particular beer and then have something that reminds you why you love beer. While I pride myself on the amount of beers I’ve had, there are so many beers out there that haven’t had the privilege of gracing my lips. With that enters Odell IPA from Colorado a beer that I...

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Bro, taste this! Does Beer Kill Germs?

We’ve all had, seen or been a part of that moment when a bro insists you try his beer that he is currently drinking. He just wants to be nice and share that great find with you, right? So you’re obligated to say yes. What do you do? Let’s think about this one for a minute, beer has alcohol and alcohol kills bacteria, right? Wrong, well I mean right but wrong in this context. Beer does not have enough alcohol to kill off the bacteria your bro, who you don’t know if he brushed his teeth this morning, has...

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