Month: February 2014

Bonding Through Beer – Making Friends Through the Suds

Bonding Through Beer It’s no secret that it is easy to make friends while you’re hanging out in the bar throwing back a couple of cold ones. You obviously have similar interests – beer and probably football or whatever sport is on the TV – and it’s only natural to assimilate with others who are like-minded. There is an intrinsic value in the camaraderie developed by those who choose to imbibe together. For those of us who like to brew, there is an entirely new dimension of that brotherhood that develops. As far as I’m concerned, this mindset goes...

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Just When You Thought the Party Was Over: The Continued Rise of Craft Beer

The Rise of Craft Beer When we started this blog about three years ago, we came in at the pinnacle of the craft beer boom. There were so many breweries to try and so many new beers to taste and for a solid year and a half we had a great run at reviewing everything and anything. Then we hit this wall where the selections of beers we had available to us were the same as the previous years (well the good ones anyway). That was roughly around the same time you heard about breweries closing and as in...

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My Monotony of Beer: Founders Porter

I’m not sure when it happened but it hit me hard and very suddenly. Like a violent tremor in the middle of the night, it shook up everything I loved about beer and made me question purchases and shy away from taking risks.┬áMaybe it was having a new baby! Maybe it was purchasing a new home! Maybe it was the beer scene itself! Whatever the cause, over the past six month my beer personality has changed and rapidly devolved into some sort of monotony of beer and styles. Beer has lost some of it’s luster and the grandeur of...

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