Month: March 2014

Handling Relationships with Non-Beer Lovers

My dream girl has long been the woman who not only inspires me intellectually, but shares all of my passions. This includes beer. As it stands, I only have one of the two now, but batting .500 ain’t too shabby just about anywhere you go. I have been a beer lover for decades already. When I was a teenager, a friend and I had our own method of procuring new and interesting beers even though we were not of legal age to consume them. First let me address that – I do not condone underage drinking, nor do I endorse it...

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Blue Cans, Clear Bottles and Black Tueday: Craftylady24_7’s Beer Journey

My Beer-ginnings As far back as I can remember, every time I opened the refrigerator door, the first thing I saw was my stepfathers favorite beers. They were either in a blue can or a clear glass bottle filled with a yellow liquid I thought was lemonade. For the longest time, I could never understand why my stepfather would always drink his lemonade with salt and lime…kind of weird.  That’s what I grew up thinking beer was:  blue cans and clear bottles.  It was simple, on the weekends, Corona was the “Mexican Beer.”  After a long day’s work Bud Light was the “American Beer” which we call Mexican Pepsi!...

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My Converted Cooler Mash Tun: Igloo Ice Cube 60qt (video)

My Converted Igloo Ice Cube Cooler Mash Tun I started all grain brewing about two years ago with the Brew in A Bag (BIAB) technique and I’ve had great success with that over the years. There have been two occasions though were I wanted to brew five gallons of beer and BIAB just isn’t the best option for that. I had an Igloo Ice Cube Cooler that I purchased to keep my carboy cool during the hot summer months, so I thought why not convert it once again to use as a mash tun. Watch the video to see...

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My Chat with Boqueron Brewery

The landscape of beer in Puerto Rico is just beginning to switch over from the mass market light lagers to something with more cojones. The market on the island has been dominated by Medalla (local light lager), Corona, Heineken and a few other light lagers but with the explosion of craft beers in the American market, palates are changing on the island as well. So this past weekend I had the fortune of speaking to Juan Torres Monllor, Owner and Brew Master at Boqueron Brewing Company in Boquerón Puerto Rico. In my last visit to the island I had such a...

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