Month: April 2014

Pouring All Day IPA (video)

Founders All Day IPA 4.7% ABV 42IBU It was a beautiful Spring day yesterday with temperatures in the 70s and not a cloud in the sky. I’ve been coming around to session beers lately (beers around 5% alcohol) and I thought I’d share one that’s stocked in my fridge, Founders All Day IPA. Huge orange aroma on this beer with a slight muskiness to it. Its a great beer to have when you know you’re not going to just drink one or two but maybe five or six :) Enjoy the pour!  ...

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Guest Reviewer Mando Medina on Iron Thistle (video)

Rahr & Sons Iron Thistle 8.5% ABV 35 IBU Today we have a guest reviewer Mando Medina give us his impressions of Rahr & Sons Iron Thistle Scottish Ale. As posted on the Rahr & Sons website: Break out the bagpipes with your lederhosen! We’re proud to present our Iron Thistle Scotch Ale – Rahr’s first National Grand Champion winner. This dark, Scottish ale has a bold taste dominated by a smooth, sweet maltiness balanced with a low, hoppy bitterness. So don your kilts and enjoy. Here’s to your health – Slàinte! Prosit! Cheers! (if you can not view...

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Good Times at the AC Beerfest 2014

AC Beerfest 2014 Boy do I love heading to Atlantic City for a weekend trip of drinking beer and fun at the casinos. I’ve been going to AC – as we all call it up here – pretty much yearly since I moved to NJ in 2002.  I’ve also been attending the AC Beer and Music Festival since the beginning. Back in its early day, this wasn’t a beer AND music festival. They didn’t have live entertainment in the early goings, not like it is today anyway. I believe that was added the second or third year and has...

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Crushing Porches with Beer Trading!

Beer Trading Let it be known from this day forward, there is not better feeling than coming home to see your porch completely demolished because the the weight of your new beer mail/trade was just too much.  Okay, okay, maybe you do not want your porch to collapse, but really, there is nothing better than receiving beer mail. If you are unfamiliar with beer mail/ beer trading, aka porch crushers, it is often a mutual exchange process where friends or complete strangers send one another beer typically not available in their area.  These exchanges vary in size, sometimes only...

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Game of Beers! Attempting to Conquer KBS on a Friday

Slumped in my chair like I’m having a Pina Colada during sunset on Luquillo beach in Puerto Rico, I sit watching the second hand move its turtles pace around the clock. It’s an hour until the weekend starts and I’m already mentally checked out. From this point on I will not pick up my phone, I will not start any new tasks, I will just sit here waiting for my freedom. I write a few reply emails letting clients know their project will be continued after I enjoyed my two days of me time. I check the weekend weather...

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