Month: July 2014

Get Canned, the book: Canned!: Artwork of the Modern American Beer Can

I’m a visual learner so when I see material, whether that be digital or physical, that is aesthetically pleasing  I get the feels. Combine that with something I’m interested in (beer) and I’m get like a 13 year old boy with a sock and hand lotion, excited. So when I got my hands on Canned!: Artwork of the Modern American Beer Can, I got weak in the knees, I could hardly speak, I lost all control and I wrote about it! Canned!: Artwork of the Modern American Beer Can The book is a hefty weight and its hard cover and jacket makes...

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Infected, Funky, Bacteria…Sour Beer.

Infected, funky, bacteria filled, sour beer.  Now, before you close this page to read the current status of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s relationship, give me a second to explain myself.  I like sour beer.  No….I love sour beer.  My relationship with sour beer first began with my taste of New Belgium‘s La Folie.  Upon my first sip, I could not get past the mouth puckering sour bite the brew provided.  It was nothing like any beer I had ever tasted.  I got lots of green apple, some slight vinegar notes and this smooth yet inviting lingering sourness.  I was hooked! Before moving...

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A Cog in the Moving Parts of Beer! Victory Moving Parts Batch 01

Often times when people talk about moving parts they are talking about its negative impact on a certain process and how there that process is muddled by too many hurdles. Too many moving parts is the catch phrase used by all corporate downsizes and or corporate takeovers across the globe. For Victory Brewing company they are taking that concept of Moving Parts and redefining its use. Instead of it being fodder for negative corporate downsizing Victory is using the concept to highlight how one cog in the process of beer making can completely change a beer. To that they present the Moving Parts...

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My Wedding Beer Brew Day – Pliny The Elder Clone

I’ve mentioned before that I’m getting married in less than two months – late August. For as much of a DIY kind of guy as I am, I decided it would be cool to not only buy beer for the reception, but also to have something on tap that most people would not be able to get up here. And what better way to provide for my guests than to give them some home brew? I borrowed the idea from my old high school and college friend Roger who lives in the Denver area. He brewed up several batches...

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Pouring Carton 077XX Double IPA (video)

Carton 077XX East Coast Double IPA ABV: 7.8% | IBU: 80 Much like the Brazil vs Germany World Cup match, this beer blew away my expectations and crushed almost everything else out there. A lot of the beers I drink have been thoroughly researched beforehand but every now and then you get a beer that slips by you and totally rocks your socks, Carton 077XX Double IPA was one of those beers. Its those moments you live for as a craft beer geek, that moment of total bliss where you know what you are drinking validates everything you do. It validates all the...

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