Month: November 2014

Victory Moving Parts Batch 2 Fails to Move Me (video)

I really like Victory Brewing Company beers Dirt Wolf, Hop Devil, Storm King, Prima Pils are all fantastic beers so when I had the opportunity to follow their Moving Parts series I was happy to jump on board. The series looks to take a base recipe and tweak certain ingredients to make a completely different beer, its a great experiment that normally isn’t done on the commercial level. Kudos to Victory for having the ovaries to do something so different and take a stand against the norm and challenge the craft beer community. The first batch of MovingParts Batch 1 left me a little...

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How To Bottle Beer with Jason (video)

How To Bottle Beer In this video I go over the process of bottling my Scotch Ale Brewers Best kit that I brewed two weeks ago. Its a pretty simple process that does take a considerable amount of time and drives most homebrewers to buy keg kits. Nonetheless for those that don’t want to invest in kegs, this is a simple and inexpensive way to bottle and carbonate your beer. Cheers!  ...

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All Grain Homebrewing Separates the Cooks from the Chefs (video)

All-grain homebrewing is like going from a cook to a chef. While all-grain brewing is more time intensive, it allows a brewer to have ultimate control of the finished product. Here is the quick and dirty on all-grain brewing to give you an idea of the journey ahead.  On a different note, this is my first video and I quickly realized that I am no videographer….so be gentle....

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How Beer Is Made: Breaking Down Homebrewing (video)

How Beer Is Made Beer making is science yo (insert Aaron Paul voice) so we understand that at times the process looks uhhh confusing. What’s really going on? How do we get from grain to beer? What’s going on in the process? How do you make that celestial unicorn juice jump out of my glass and into my mouth? Well wonder no more! In today’s video we unravel the mysteries of the homebrewing process and break down the steps and ingredients involved in making beer or beeah for those in Boston. This video is a simplified version of the process there are...

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Homebrewing 101 – Extract Brewing

Homebrewing 101 – Extract Brewing Here we discuss the fundamentals of brewing and the easiest way to becoming a home brewer, extract brewing. Extract brewing is the beginner level of brewing and a great first step for anyone who wants to turn an interest into a hobby. Essentially the first step of the brewing process, removing the sugars from the malt has been done and packaged as liquid or dry malt extract. This essential cuts down on the time and equipment needed to brew a beer. Here I’m brewing a Brewer’s Best Scottish Ale kit. Irving brewed a 1...

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