Month: December 2014

Christmas Beers! Put Down the Milk and Cookies and Pick Up These

Tis the season…for drinking.  During this time of year there is something special about hanging with the family, watching the snow fall (unless you live in the south) and enjoying a special Christmas beers.  Below are three seasonal Christmas beers that I would suggest trying to get your hands on.  Crack them open and share with your friends and family. 1. St. Bernardus – Christmas Ale  This is one of my all time favorite Christmas beers.  Many craft beer drinkers are not a stranger to St. Bernardus and to be honest, this can be a great entry beer for non-craft drinkers....

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I’ve Been Goosed! My Visit to Goose Island Brew Pub

‘Twas the night before Christmas in Chicago’s north side, not a creature was stirring except Goose Island’s brewery with pride….  the drinkers were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of Bourbon County Stouts danced in their heads… Christmas has come early for me this year!  As many of you know, I frequently travel for work to Chicago from the East Coast but stay in the northern suburbs in the middle of nowheresville en route to visit clients about topics far less interesting than craft beer.  Occasionally I make my way downtown for some good food (deep dish)...

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Don’t Just Drink It: Cooking with Beer the Negra Modelo Way

Lately I’ve been very cognizant  of how beer and my meal work together. Its not just a matter of picking the right beer to wash down that steak but more so how will that steak taste marinated in a beer or what beer should I deglaze this pan with. Negra Modelo is also pushing that idea of cooking with beer on their website that features recipes by chef Rick Bayless. They sent me a press kit which included some spices and recipes to use when cooking but instead of using their recipes I wanted to see what the beer and the...

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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Homebrew Equipment Without Breaking The Bank!

Last month we focused on home brewing and covered various methods as to how to brew your own beer. One of the most important facets of brewing at home – besides you the brewer of course – is your homebrew equipment. That being said, where do you go for such items? When you first start out, most people use various kitchen appliances in lieu of dedicated home brewing equipment and rightly so. It often takes some time – and a pretty good amount of money – to get the gear you really need to reach the level of master brewer you are aspiring for. Many have...

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Worry About Yourself: My Beer Tolerance vs My Palate

My Beer Tolerance vs My Palate It all starts out innocently enough; I get to the bar I peruse the menu looking for beers not too heavy in alcohol to ease my way into the night. Like foreplay I have to work my way into the heavy hitters I can’t just try and ram a 13% Barrel Aged Imperial Stout down my throat. I have to wet my palate before I find myself alone huddled in a corner making deals with the Almighty about getting me through the night and never drinking again. See I know my limits, I...

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