Month: January 2015

Shut Up About Elysian Already!

Ok so Elysian is being purchased by Anheuser-Busch/InBev. So what? How is this affecting your life move on! Grow up! Beer besides being a passion, is a business, let’s not forget that. If someone told you I’m going to give you millions of dollars and you continue to run the company and make a salary and change nothing, you’re not going to take that?  F OUTTA HERE! Just like Goose Island this changes nothing? Where are these beer aficionados sense of morals when they camp out in the cold two days before Black Friday to buy Bourbon County Vanilla?  Shut your pint...

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Being Part of Craft Beer History: My Day with Ballantine IPA (video)

As a child I used to go on field trips to the Ballantine House in Newark, NJ and I used to walk around mostly bored at all of the old stuff. I didn’t really appreciate what I was seeing, I just wanted to get home and watch Voltron and G.I. Joe cartoons. I took my daughter there about six years ago and she probably felt the same way I did then, snoozefest. Recently I found myself in the halls of the Ballantine House again and this time not as a spectator but as an active participant in the revival...

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How to Keg Beer! (video)

How to Keg Beer Many a home brewer knows the effort and time it takes to bottle a batch of beer. On top of that, there is the waiting period required during bottle conditioning. Here I go over the process of how to keg beer – from hooking up your draft lines to force carbonating your beer in the keg – so you can enjoy a nice cold one on tap in relatively no time flat....

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Reclaiming Jersey Beer: Forgotten Boardwalk 1916 Shore Shiver (video)

Forgotten Boardwalk 1916 Shore Shiver IPA In late 2012, beer laws were reformed in New Jersey that eased restrictions on beer production in the state and led the way for new breweries to open and begin a revival of the once beer Mecca. Not many know, that from the late 1800’s through the early 1970s New Jersey was the California of beer production. Big name breweries like Ballantine, Pabst, Kruger, Hansler, Rheingold, Budweiser and many more where once housed in our great state but as the national trend of consolidation took hold, most shuttered their doors and moved on....

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Boycott Lagunitas! Is Craft Beer too Good to Boycott?

In the wake of the Lagunitas and Sierra Nevada fall out, I sit here, morals intact, thinking “I should boycott Lagunitas.” What would that mean for me? A boycott would mean no more of the beer I truly love and that currently occupies space in my fridge. It would mean I couldn’t buy Sucks, Maximus, Brown Shugga, Little Sumpin, Nighttime the list goes on. Which got me to thinking, is a brand as lauded as Lagunitas too good to be boycotted? I would argue, yes. I would probably hold out for a few months without Lagunitas in my life and...

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