Month: February 2015

Bloodline Blood Orange IPA Knocks It Out of The Grove

Every question I have can be answered in a few short swipes by the device in my pocket. So whenever I’m shopping for a beer and I see something I’ve never seen before, I look it up. Before you throw your fist up and bludgeoned me to death with your objective hate hear me out. See I buy on average one six pack a week with an occasional bomber here and there, but that six pack has to last the week. So if I’m buying one beer for a full week it better be something I’m going to like...

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Homebrewing is Too Damn Expensive!

So my partner, Erin, called me out this morning.  As I was racking an American Blonde Ale into the keg, we had a little convo that went something like this: Erin: “Remember when you said that homebrewing is cheaper than buying beer?” Me: Eyes getting shifty and I pretended not to hear her. Erin: “Don’t act like you didn’t hear me.” Me: “Huh?” Erin: “Remember when you said that homebrewing is cheaper than buying beer?” Me: “When did I ever say that?  Besides, can you really put a price on passion?” Erin: She laughs out loud and then goes “uhhhhh…yeah”...

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Gulden Draak Brewmaster’s Edition: Barrel Aged Everything

Gulden Draak Brewmaster’s Edition In this age of barrel aged everything, its refreshing to have a beer by those that were doing it before it was in vogue. It reminds us were all the others came from and who they can call daddy (at least uncle, ok cousin?) I’m a big fan of Gulden Draak, yes those funny shaped white bottles that pour out this amber unicorn bath water. Its seriously one of the great Belgian beers that reminds you why you love beer so much and puts the moon and stars back in focus. Today we have that...

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Craft Beer is Dead? How Marketing Gose Long Way

I applaud techniques in marketing and how some use sensational headlines and well written humor laced articles to get clicks and no I’m not talking about myself here or maybe I am, am I? Dangit!  Anyway, I read an article about how craft beer is dead, a mostly satirical piece about how one’s passionate distaste for a beer leads him to believe that craft beer is dead. Ok first off let me say this again, it is satire (at least I hope so) and the sensational headline combined with the humor ridden text drives people to click on the...

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The Mojo Lounge: Reflections and Memories of Finding the Right Bar

The Mojo Lounge Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Everyone is in that lovey-dovey, stomach aflutter, doves in the air good feeling. Me, I’m in a period of transition and reflection. Two nights ago, my local bar – The Mojo Lounge, aka the place I’ve called my second home for the past 13 years – poured its last beer of the night and closed its doors for the final time. The Mojo Lounge remained open for nearly 14 years when all the other bars in the area seemed to have an average shelf life of a just a...

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