Month: July 2015

Other Half Nelson IPA – A Video Review

Other Half Nelson IPA ABV: 7% IBU: ? I recently had Other Half Green Diamonds and it shattered all of my previous understandings of an IPA. I love that beer so much and it set the stage for Other Half’s beer selection, putting them on a pedestal of sorts. I had the fortune of getting some Nelson IPA and I wanted to open it with you guys and experience it in front of the camera. Watch the video above and don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to our Youtube channel if you haven’t done so already....

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Victory Prima Pils: Tap that inner German

Victory Prima Pils ABV: 5.3% IBU: ? See what I did there?  “Tap” your inner German…anyways.  Germany. The land of ridiculously hard to pronounce words,  sausage and frothy beer.  Sounds great, right? Now, what if I told you that you didn’t have to cash in your 401K to taste what this great country had to offer? Strap on your lederhosen because we are going on a staycation. Now before you get all crazy and drop kick your computer because I’m not reviewing the 1,294,567th IPA brewed in Merica, hear me out.  Germany has a long history of shelling out some of the best...

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Magic Hat Electric Peel IPA – A Grapefruit Sculpin Killer?

Magic Hat Electric Peel Grapefruit IPA – ABV: 6% IBU: 65 One of my favorite go to beer these days is Grapefruit Sculpin and when I had my first sip of that beer last year, it changed my perspective of fruit beers and forever challenged the fruit beers that release in its wake. Electric Peel is different and rather trying to compete, it carves out its own space in the Grapefruit IPA category, well played Magic Hat. That’s probably something I would have also done considering how great Grapefruit Sculpin is watch the video above and let me know...

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Legalizing Beer Mail: Congresswoman Jackie Speier Is Making It Happen

You walk up to the counter with your box of goodies in hand. You hand the box to the postal worker to get weighed and shipped and then comes THE question “Does the box contain any alcohol?” You cringe, your palms get sweaty and you hesitate for a second thinking about the beers in this box. You don’t want to lie because well you’re a decent moral person but on the other hand what’s in the box is JUST BEER no biggie right? Wrong! Shipping beer via the United States Postal Service is against the law and could potentially...

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How To Create Your Own Homebrew Beer Recipe

For many of us, drinking the beer we like is easy. For those of us who brew our own, the challenging part is to craft a beer that we like and have it come out the way we want it. Start from scratch and create something that both looks like and tastes like what you envisioned. Recently I was speaking with one of the executives in my office and he asked me if I was brewing up anything new. He had heard about the beers that were brewed up for my wedding last year and was wondering if anything...

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