For my first post I’m writing about one of the best mirco styles in Oregon: India Pale Ale or IPA. This is currently my favorite style of beer. I tasted and compared three IPAs  the other night. These are beers that I’ve drank before but sipped on, side by side, specifically for this blog. The three are from: Rogue Brewery based inNewport, Or (on the coast); Ninkasi Brewery based inEugene, Or (the home of the Mighty Oregon Ducks!); and Deschutes Brewery based inBend inCentral Oregon. Rogue’s beer is Brutal IPA (59 IBU*, ABV ~6%*). Ninkasi’s beer is Total Domination IPA (65 IBU, ABV 6.7%) andDeschutes is Hop Henge Experimental IPA (95 IBU, ABV 9%).

The Brutal IPA was smooth and really did not have much of an after taste, the lower International Bittering Units (IBU) was clearly evident. Total Domination (TD) IPA had a stronger and bolder taste than the other two and its color is darker. The Hop Henge IPA is lighter in color and it gives a fruity after taste. Obviously all IPAs are not equal. The TD IPA is one of my favorite beers, so when I compared the three IPAs I was partial to Total Domination. It’s a strong IPA and has the tendency to remind me of darker beers like porters,  which I rarely drink anymore. So if you’re a fan of stouts and porters and not of IPAs, you may like TD. I tend to be moody drinker. Depending on my mood I might asked for an IPA, lager or even a shot or two. Because it’s a stronger IPA I may start with a weaker IPA when I’m out drinking. But if I’ve had a long day and my panties are in a knot I’ll start with a shot of Tequila and TD. The Hop Henge is also very good. It’s lighter and sweeter than the TD and it goes down smoothly. Cheers.

*IBU means International Bittering Units. The higher the number the higher the bitterness and hop content. ABV means Alcohol By Volume.