5 New Colorado Beers that will Amaze You

background credit: Betsy Weber of flickr.com

Some of you may know that I live in the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado.  There is no shortage of amazing beers in this great state.  So much so I am often the annoying customer that can’t make up his damn mind on what to order while the bartender stares at me as I word vomit my decision making process.  To ensure you are not a fool like me, I am going to share 5 new Colorado beers that are a must try if you ever find yourself in the Rocky Mountain high, in no particular order.

1. Casey Brewing & Blending – Saison

Casey Brewing and Blending "Saison"

credit: Paul Narvaez of flickr.com

A rather new brewery on the map (2013), Casey Brewing and Blending produces amazing beers.  Casey Brewing barrel ages all their beers which makes them unique, full of character and just down right delicious.  While limited and hard to get, their Saison was an eye opening experience for me.  Huge lemon and earthy notes with a big bright white wine charter on the nose.  The flavor is just as good with a nice dose of hay, citrus and tartness that really shines.  The acidity and dry finish of this beer is what really brings it all together.  An absolutely fantastic beer and one that simply delivers.

2. Zwei Brewing – Pilsner

Zwei Brewing Pilsner

credit: Zwei Brewing Pilsner of facebook.com

If you know me, you know I love a good pilsner.  There is something about a great brewed pilsner that I cannot resist and Zwei Brewing offers one of the best in the land….hands down.  This light and refreshing beer brings it all to the table, graininess, hops and a crisp finish.  With nothing to hide behind, the pilsner malt really provides a backbone for the earthy hops.  The perfect bitterness bite accentuates the noble hop character. Finishing dry, crisp and clean, this beer is one of my favorites.  If you find yourself in Northern Colorado, please do yourself a favor and stop for 1, or 7, pilsners at Zwei.

3. New Belgium Brewing – Transatlantique Kriek


credit: newbelgium.com

You may be thinking “this isn’t a new beer!” and you are right, it is not new. But just like many breweries, recipe reformulations take place on some classics.  The new Transatlantique Kriek is one of those that blew my socks off this year.  The lighter and less sweet Kreik provided everything I wanted in a fruit sour beer.  A nice lactic acidity with some pilsner malt sweetness and bright cherry presence.  I really appreciate how light and tart this one is.  I would suggest checking out this year’s Transatlantique Kriek.

4. Funkwerks Brewing – Tropic King in Peach Whiskey Barrels 

Funkwerks Tropic King Peach

bottle credit: funkwerks.com

One of my favorite breweries in Fort Collins, Funkwerks continues to push out amazing beers.  Known for their Belgian inspired brews, their Tropic King imperial saison puts in work!  Throw that into a Peach Whiskey barrel….get out of here!  This beer just jumps out of your glass with a big peach aroma and a noticeable funk.  Drinks amazingly smooth with notes of citrus, a little peppery spice and of course peach.  Don’t sleep on Tropic King in Peach Whiskey Barrel.

5. WeldWerks Brewing – Juicy Bits

Weldwerks Juicy Bits

credit: Weldwerks of facebook.com

Do you ever have a beer and think “where the hell has this been my entire life?”, well that is a consistent statement of mine when I down a pint of Juicy Bits.  Here in Colorado, we are known for embracing that west coast style IPA, but WeldWerks breaks the mold and puts a Colorado spin on the newly emerging east coast IPA.  This extremely hazy, juicy fruit hop bomb is absolutely amazing.  Huge citrus notes and pineapple on the aroma.  A perfectly balanced hop forward IPA is what you taste with big juicy fruit of pineapple, passion fruit and citrus.  This beer is one that never disappoints and continues to be highly sought after in Colorado.