Pumpkin Beer

Re: 2015 Pumpkin Beer Throw Down: 40 Pumpkin Beers Reviewed and Ranked

In a world where pumpkin beer gets dragged through the mud and beer snobs give the side eye to those who seriously like pumpkin beer, I usually applaud those seriously trying to shed light on the tasty deliciousness that is pumpkin beer. When I saw the pumpkin beer rankings on The Beer Syndicate I felt a little uneasy and like the Mets I wanted to sweep it away, far away, out of my consciousness.

Let me first start off by saying I really applaud the communal BJCP approach and overall I really enjoy the blog, I just happen to seriously disagree with this ranking. They post good articles that I follow (mainly for the homebrewing stuff) and I really suggest you follow them too like this gem How to Save a Bad Batch of Homebrew- Part 1.

So here’s my quick and dirty: if you have a list of the top 40 and don’t have any mention of Cigar City Good Gourd, Schlafly Pumpkin Ale or Elysian The Great Pumpkin your list is already in a bad spot. Thankfully the writer did add a disclaimer in the beginning about availability of beer and not being able to get certain beers. So maybe this list should be the best pumpkin beers available to the West Coast but then that messes up the SEO title. Blogger problems!

I also understand that tasting lists are totally based off of preference and that everyone has different palates but in order to have a credible list you must have credible samples. That’s like rating the best cars on the market and not including any Fords, Toyotas or Hondas in the test.

I must say that Southern Tier Pumpking being #40 kind of gets my britches in a bunch especially when you see Saranac and Shock Top at 18 and 17 and Jack-O Traveler Shandy at #6, for me those are probably three of the worst pumpkin beers I’ve ever had. Personal Preference though right? Wrong, because my palate is the only one that matters! :)