Some of you may have heard the recent news of Anheuser-Busch Inbev corporation recently bought Northern Brewer, which owns Midwest Brewing Supplies, two of the largest online homebrew suppliers.  If you haven’t heard that news yet, I will wait for you to wipe the tears from your eyes.  The good thing, yes there is a good thing about this, is that it likely will not change much of anything for us as both craft beer enthusiast and homebrewers.  As a community, we have a strong record of supporting true craft beer and homebrewing with our wallets and admiration.  That likely will continue.

Does it suck to have two giants in the homebrew world succumb to Inbev? No doubt!  But I have little doubt that a true homebrew supplier will rise to the occasion and meet our demand for quality ingredients and products.  That is because we are a community of intelligent, supportive and mildly-obsessed individuals who are invested in ensuring craft and homebrewing is here to stay.

Personally, Northern Brewer was my one stop shop for equipment when I first started brewing. I bought my first homebrew equipment set up from them, watched all the Brewing TV episodes online, poured over their catalog I received in the mail and even reviewed a small one-gallon batch kit they sent me here on the site.  Northern Brewer served as a great resource for me in a variety of ways.  I don’t have any ill will towards Northern Brewer and Midwest Supplies as I know that they are a business and because of that, they are interested in making a profit.  With that being said, I will likely will not be purchasing additional items from them given their new relationship with Inbev.

Now, I am not typically one of those that rails against all things AB/Inbev but, given there are opportunities to support independent homebrew suppliers, I will likely take that opportunity to do so.

So, let’s continue to do just what we have always done….support those who support us.