Author: Sylvia Bravo

Yes You Can Be a Good Mom and Still Be a Craftylady!

First Things First Many might think being a woman in the craft beer world is challenging but try being a craft beer mom and you’ll have a totally different challenge to face. First things first… I do not under any circumstance support nor condone underage drinking but I do support educating them about the truth behind any subject. So with that being said, not only am I a full time mom but I have a full time job too. Did I mention there are only 24 hours in a day? It amazes me to see how well I’m able...

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Blue Cans, Clear Bottles and Black Tueday: Craftylady24_7’s Beer Journey

My Beer-ginnings As far back as I can remember, every time I opened the refrigerator door, the first thing I saw was my stepfathers favorite beers. They were either in a blue can or a clear glass bottle filled with a yellow liquid I thought was lemonade. For the longest time, I could never understand why my stepfather would always drink his lemonade with salt and lime…kind of weird.  That’s what I grew up thinking beer was:  blue cans and clear bottles.  It was simple, on the weekends, Corona was the “Mexican Beer.”  After a long day’s work Bud Light was the “American Beer” which we call Mexican Pepsi!...

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