Your Beer Cellar

Few things compare to the grandeur of walking up to your attic and grabbing that bottle of Westy 12 you got at the brewery 2 years ago and sitting down with a friend to sip one of the best Belgian Beers the world has to offer. You get both of your Westy chalices, sit them next to your tray of imported rare aged cheeses and pop open the bottle. That’s when the party starts as you try not to get your smoking jacket wet as the volcano of beer explodes all over your den, soaking all of your Nicaraguan My Father cigars and Chesterfield recliners.

Attics are bad for beer, so don’t be that guy! Here’s an infographic from Next Door Storage that helps you store your beer the proper way.

Beer Cellaring 3

courtesy of Next Door Storage

You don’t need to store your beers in abandoned mines to properly cellar your beer, you just need to know the right conditions to make it so. Its not rocket science, hell if monks could do it 400 years ago in the French mountain side without electricity or running water, you can too!