Beer Cellaring

I know you! No serious! I know you are like me and you care about your beer cellar that’s why you store your beer in the natural caves underneath your house. Those caves where former monks would hold daily convocation and chant while brewing ancient recipes of a time forgotten. Those same caves where the temperature is a consistent 58.3 degrees year round and the hygrometer is a consistently reading 60% humidity even through the great heat wave of 1936. I know you bro! You bored out holes in the rock face with just a chisel and a rock with no shoes on in the winter just to store your beer in the right position. You wash your beer glassware with the natural spring water found at the base of your cave. You are the ultimate beer cellarer! You are a real bro!

So now let’s walk over to our bedroom closet where on the floor next to your sweaty gym sneakers and crusty socks, your bottle of 2009 hand bottled Hunahpu lay and let’s figure out what we are going to do about your beer cellaring game.

The folks at Next Door Storage have come up with a great infographic that walks you through proper beer cellaring and get you closer to being all you can be!

Beer Cellaring

courtesy of Next Door Storage

Let’s first start off by identifying which beers you should and shouldn’t store and find out if that bottle of Natural Ice you’ve been cellaring since prom night ten years ago has held up.