We all do it, its hot, we see the cooler,  grab the bottle, pop the top and start quenching our thirst. For some of us, the red plastic cups rule our keg loving house parties and we just hope that we don’t get too much head out of that tap. While we ward away those keg pumping jockeys who think more pumping equals less head, take a second to grab an actual glass and put down that red cup with your name written on it.  Using a glass, with most beers, totally change the taste in a good way.

Beer mug or Stein

Pilsner glass

Now some beers are just fine in the bottle, those common watery pilsners or extra watery American pale ales that are the odd favorite of party goers, are not going to get any better in a glass BUT I will go ahead and tell you, give it a try, grab a glass and see how it changes the taste. For beers like the American Pal Ales or Pilsners, a tall straight glass without any contour will be just fine, something like these.


Weizen glass

For those of us that look at those commercial beers like a dirty diaper, there are other options. For the Wheat Beer lovers look for a Wizen glass that looks similar to the pilsner glass but a lot more curves that are designed to trap the head and some are etched on the bottom to induce the carbonation. Oh side note, when they serve you Blue Moon or Hoegaarden and bring your glass with a wedge of lemon or orange in it, toss it, it kills the head.



Pint Glass the one size fits all

Pint glass variation

The most versatile glass known is the pint glass, if you buy any glass these are the ones to buy. They are cheap and are a great starter cup for those looking to have a glass for just about any beer and many breweries sell them, so if you have a favorite brewery take a look at their website or in your local beer shop for these cups with their brand.



Cognac glass or Snifter glass

Oversized red wine glass

There are two glasses that you probably already own that you can put to use right away, a brandy glass and a oversized red wine glass. Try using either of these for those strong beers like IPAs or strong Belgian Ales. You’ll be glad you did!


Now that’s the basics, go out there, put down the red cup and enjoy beer the way it was meant to be tasted, in the glass. Stay thirsty but stay different!