Beer it Forward

Just when my opinion of the people within the craft beer culture started to sour I get an infusion of spirit and enthusiasm for the community and reinvigorate my passion for craft beer. Last week I received this picture from @devits96 of Instagram:

Grapefruit Sculpin

He went on to say that he was going to Beer It Forward and give these bottles to me just because. Later that night after exchanging addresses he rang my doorbell and handed me a bag with both of those bottles. Let me also mention I have never met this guy before nor had I ever had a conversation with him. In hindsight that “meeting” could have gone really wrong so thanks for not killing me :) Long story short, he received beer for no reason so he wanted to keep the chain going and pass along the Beer It Forward. Since I’ve never had Grapefruit Sculpin I was eager to try this beer and record my thoughts. I hope you enjoy the video just as much as I enjoyed drinking and making it.