SamOldI grew up in Michigan, Saginaw to be exact, an old General Motors town with union bars and cheap beer.  I think relaxing after work meant a cold beer and sitting on a deck… at least that is what I saw as a kid growing up. Here’s what beers mean to me as seen thorough my timeline of beer memories:

My Beer Memories Timeline


My older brother and I both lived together in Kalamazoo during college. So of course Bells was the beer, and really the only well known local brewery at the time. Talk about being ahead of the craft brew curve… my younger brother went to Michigan State, and Oberon is just a part of #PureMichigan summers. My older brother lives in Mississippi now, my younger in Philly, and I still remember splitting a six of Oberon with them last fourth of July when we were all back in Michigan visiting my sister. Oberon will always remind me of college, and that crappy apartment my older brother and I shared.


College summers spent at New Holland Brewery after longs days at my internship. This is back at their original location, drinking from mason jars on $1 Wednesdays and I had no idea what each type was, just that they came in different colors and I was poor and always bought that weeks special. Still today, when I see a six of Mad Hatter on the shelf it reminds me of those summer nights trying to stay out of the friend zone with a cute intern.



A college Cinco de Mayo party when we bought so much Corona I had to eat all the leftovers in the fridge to make room (sorry about those ribs Hermen, they were delish though). Hey a few limes and lots of bottles later and we didn’t noticed how drab that beer really is.  Sorry beer snobs, I still love a Corona flash back once in a while. Luckily the price of limes has gone back down.


A Brother’s Bachelor party in Chicago, well we actually stayed in Munster because we had to do the 3Floyds tour. Who goes to Munster, Indiana for a bachelor party? These guys do… and if you don’t know Northwest Indiana, there are a lot of other fun things to do for a bachelor party in the area… just saying. That first Alpha King was good, but the memories were better and even though its now not my favorite 3Floyds Beer, I still get it once in a while and remember a great weekend with my fraternity Brothers. Anytime I am in NW Indiana for work, I go and get my max, two cases of Zombie Dust and bring them back. Last trip my employee thought I was crazy, but man visitors to my house have enjoyed them! Reminds me I am on my last six pack… next visit coming up soon.

Beer Memories


Summer doing yard work at my new house and my first six pack of Southern Tier Hop Sun inspired some impressive hosta planting and mulch work. My local beer guy recommended it since he knows I buy tons of Oberon. I still associate putting mulch down with when that summer beer comes out. Nothing better than sitting on my deck chair admiring my diagonal cut grass with a Hop Sun. Reminds me, the lawn needs to get mowed…

Beer Memories


After the birth of my daughter I got a gift of my first Odell’s and man… where has that been all my life? I am pretty sure her birth will be rekindled each time I pop one of their awesome brews. Then someday, her and I can sit and enjoy one together…

Every time I look at pictures of road trips with friends, house projects with an Atwater Beer and or visiting my younger brother out east and enjoying a Yuengling. Memories and beer go hand in hand, and I am glad to have had unique beers on those trips to cement those memories and pictures with taste and good times.