Alright, prepare yourself for somewhat of a rant, but follow along for just a moment.  Beer snobs, we know them, we may love them, hell…you may be one.  I have recently been in some situations where the pretentious attitudes towards “commoners” beer was through the roof.  These people are the ones that won’t drink beers they have already tried, are readily available at the local beer store or sometimes when not poured into a proper glass.  Are you kidding me?  May we not forget that we are talking about fermented grain sugar.

So, here is my request, please don’t be that guy/girl.  It really is that simple.  Remember where it started for you.  I’m not saying bypass the hard to finds or lower your standards and drink some macro fizzy stuff, but if you are about craft, support all craft.  That means buying AND enjoying the IPA from your local brewery that you have had 176 times.  That means bringing it back to basics one in a while.  That means being a good craft beer ambassador for those around you maybe just getting their feet wet.

So, when you are out and someone presents a beer that you have already logged into Untappd and is readily available on the shelves of your local beer store, please don’t turn up your nose.  Drink the beer, enjoy the beer and truly support craft…even if served in a shaker pint.