photo adapted from spyrospapaspyropoulos of

photo adapted from spyrospapaspyropoulos of

You book a flight, pick the perfect hotel, set-up your trip itinerary and then think I need to buy a bathing suit. For those struggling with weight this is the part where you need to make decisions, do I buy that swim shirt and pretend I need it because you burn easy on the beach or do I put on my big boy shorts and do something about it? I for one have 30 days starting today because I refuse to be that dude on the beach wearing the t-shirt, cause you can put a shirt on but that doesn’t make you Ryan Gosling. There’s only one problem, how do I lose weight without giving up beer? Beer is such a part of my life how do I shed the pounds without shedding the 6 packs?

After I had my second daughter in 2011 I gained almost twenty pounds. The stress, the limited sleep, the bad eating habits all compounded to a gut full of extra whale blubber. As the clothes got tighter so did my lack of control and I made a commitment then to shed that weight and I did, I lost 30 pounds. Here I am two and a half years later and I gained 20 of those 30 back (insert fat ass joke here.) So with a pending vacation I’m here today to take a 30 day challenge to lose ten pounds. My vacation is just a catalyst for something I’ve been putting off for a while because I don’t feel comfortable at my weight and I haven’t in a while. So I’m accepting this beer weight loss challenge to make myself more comfortable in my clothes, it beats throwing up after every meal. :)

Lifestyle vs Temporary

How am I going to do this? At my peak, I had changed my mentality from “I can’t have that” to “I don’t eat that.” Like a vegetarian somewhere within my weight loss the shedding of pounds became paramount to eating cakes and sugary foods and turned my diet into a way of life. That way of life though clashed with my beer consumption and that was something I never let go. My trick: I regulated my beer to just one beer a day, it was really the only sugars I had all day. I joked with people that if I’m going to eat sugar, I rather drink it and I did just that. I gave up the cake, pie, ice cream, cookies, rice, bread, fruits, sugar in my coffee and rewarded myself with a cold one at night.

So here I am on Day One of my beer weight loss motivated and ready. Wish me luck! 10 pounds + 30 days = Puerto Rican Ryan Gosling :)