Magic Hat Big Hundo IPA

It took me a while to come around to hoppy beer. Earlier on in this website’s tenure , I talked a lot of trash about IPAs, like my post The IBUs Are Too Damn High. I didn’t like hoppy beers and I still rail against beers that are too hoppy for the style, like a hoppy Belgian beer but I have since added them to my portfolio of beers that I enjoy.

Today I review a beer that should push my bitterness levels to the max at 100 IBUs, Magic Hat Hundo IPA. I have heard a lot of chatter about our perception of bitterness cutting off at a certain IBU level but I’ve never seen concrete evidence to prove it. This beer should be one of the more hoppy beers I have tasted and should have me running for dem dar hills! Watch the video and find out if in fact 100 IBUs pushes me to the limit.

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