Boycott Lagunitas?

image from court documents

In the wake of the Lagunitas and Sierra Nevada fall out, I sit here, morals intact, thinking “I should boycott Lagunitas.” What would that mean for me? A boycott would mean no more of the beer I truly love and that currently occupies space in my fridge. It would mean I couldn’t buy Sucks, Maximus, Brown Shugga, Little Sumpin, Nighttime the list goes on. Which got me to thinking, is a brand as lauded as Lagunitas too good to be boycotted? I would argue, yes.

I would probably hold out for a few months without Lagunitas in my life and I would be totally fine but once that May release of Little Sumpin Extra hits I would be tweaking worse than Tyrone Biggums looking for his next score. See we love craft beer for the beer, not for the politics, the pettiness, the stupidity, the douchebaggery or seemingly ignorant heads of breweries. I drink and write about beer because its damn good and by in large, you’ll find that to be the sentiment held by the majority of craft beer drinkers.


So yes I would love to rally the troops and boycott a brewery to send a point and say “hey stop being stupid” but in the end I don’t care. I want to drink good beer and last time I checked you can’t drink stupidity, right? right? :/

While I write in jest I do recognize a problem and a lack of vested interest in the story of the beer I consume. It’s a problem that I don’t have an answer to but this apathy does make me question my convictions of craft beer.