“How does Buffalo Bayou Bananas Foster stack up against the other dessert beers this week?……. Six foot? Seven foot? Eight
Yes we went there; and hopefully that doesn’t show our age.   However, this week’s rendition of a classic southern dessert couldn’t have tasted any better!!!  Tune in to see what we thought about it, and also see our famous “Beer Of The Week”!!

From the Buffalo Bayou website:

Buffalo Bayou Bananas Foster

It’s bananas. B A N A N A S Foster, that is.

In a food coma induced by crawfish or steak, few things in life are as delicious and decadent as Bananas Foster slathered over a scoop of vanilla. You know that feeling when you’re so stupid full you laugh when dessert comes then stuff your face anyway?

Invented in N’awlins, perfected in Houston. They put it on a plate, we put it in your glass. Drink up monkey, it’s time to go bananas.

Fine Print:

ABV: 8.6
IBU: 30

Tasting Notes:

Notes of fresh banana up front with a rich caramel mouthfeel and full-bodied dark chocolate finish.

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Buffalo Bayou Bananas Foster

Buffalo Bayou Bananas Foster