Its not Valentines Day on Beer Bros but we continue to crank out the Dessert Beer Reviews with a spin off one of cupid’s favorites: Red Velvet Cake!!!  On our Wednesday episode we taste Buffalo Bayou’s,  Red Velvet Stout.    Tune in to see who gets the last piece, I mean.. sip of this tasty infusion.  Also, dont forget Friday we have one last Dessert Beer to feature for the week.  Spoiler:  Its going to be B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!  Until then, like, comment and subscribe!!!

From the Buffalo Bayou website

Buffalo Bayou Red Velvet Stout

Have your cake and drink it too

Richly decadent, this voluptuous dessert will seduce and ravage your taste buds, then cuddle with them in the afterglow. Looking to score brownie points with the Missus? No need for diamonds and bedazzle. With a few bottles of Red Velvet and some dimmed lights, you’re in for a lot of “oo-la-la” and a happy ending.

Red Velvet Stout is available in wax dipped bottles and draft.

Fine Print:

ABV: 6.3%
OG: 16°
IBU: 25

Tasting Notes:

Hint of cherries intermingling with a malt-forward, dark chocolate explosion. Finishing dry and savory, this beer is best enjoyed slightly chilled.

Buffalo Bayou Red Velvet Stout