Buffalo Bayou Sam’s Daily ABV 5.8% IBU:28

An authentic American cream ale

Not much has changed in Texas over the past 180 years, it’s still hotter than hell and not going to cool off anytime soon. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do right now is put on lederhosen and drink Octoberfest beers or pumpkin peach ales.

Hallertau Hops give this authentic American Cream Ale its tempered aromatic qualities, while the Pilsner and Light Munich malt backbone provide a crisp, crushable finish. Sam’s Daily is our newest go-to when we want to beat the heat. Canned for portability, it is a perfect beer for tailgating, drinking poolside, and sharing with your friends.

Buffbrew teamed up with renowned Houston bar owner Brad Moore to create a new staple that Texans can be proud to drink.

(text credit: buffbrew.com)

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Sam's Daily