After the Beer & Grilling week, its time to kick off the flip-flops and eat err…DRINK some dessert!!!  This week we try three of Houston’s Buffalo Bayou sweet specialty ales.  We start off Monday with Buffalo Bayou Turtle Murder; a take on the popular chocolate, caramel, and pecan candy.   Get your taste buds and sweet tooth ready for this week’s episodes, they’re going to make you wish you saved a little more room to try them all!

From Buffalo Bayou’s site:

Buffalo Bayou Turtle Murder

This ambitious beer started five years ago with a basic Scotch Ale. It was good, but it needed something. More Caramel! More Chocolate! But it was still only good. And then our brewers said, “Let There be Pecans!” And they called it “Mud Turtle.” And it was very good.

Most breweries stop at very good. Instead, we challenged our brewers to murder Mud Turtle, and the result is in your hands right now.

Brace yourself for liquid carnage. It starts with Amaya Coffee & pecans on the nose, followed by a rich mouthfeel mingling caramel, chocolate and peanut butter (Yes! Peanut Butter!) and ends with a smooth vanilla finish.

Fine Print:

ABV: 8.5
OG: 23˚
IBU: 30

Tasting Notes:

Coffee and pecans on the nose with a caramel mouthfeel followed by chocolate, peanut butter and vanilla.

Buffalo Bayou Turtle Murder