Having been a regular here for the past year I’ve realized that a review is long overdue.  This is a liquor store that sale everything from wine to spirits but this is the keg tap and we are only concerned about one thing….. beer.

When you first walk into this place you notice one major thing, this is the most beer you probably will ever see for sale in one place. It’s a massive store and the beer selection is just as extensive, good thing for us the beer selections flank the front and back of this place, so we have easy access.

Usually they’ll have a display of some featured beer right in front of you when you walk in, this could be a good or bad thing,  shameful even when they have Budweiser on display blocking the single bottle section. It’s like saying “welcome to the most beer you’ll ever see in one place now have a Bud Light.” But they have the commercial beers all the way in the back  and make you walk by the craft beers on your way, which is smart.   As you push past the initial display and the start hearing the chorus of cherubs leading you into beer heaven, make sure you don’t faint and savor the moment of beer awesomeness. Over 50 doors of cold beer, thousands of bomber bottles, six packs and 4 packs down the center of the aisle, Belgium beer in the back, domestic in the front. If you can’t find it here, its not available for sale in NJ, point blank.

Selection: Now as far as selection, they have ALMOST everything but getting them to special order something can be a huge pain in the arse. I have asked them to special order bottles roughly three times now and they still have yet to receive any of them, good thing I didn’t pay for it. The most recent being the Sam Adams New World Tripel, I have asked for this for the past 3 weeks and every time I am told next week and last week I was told they will be brewed again in November and that’s when they will have it in.  Ok fine, I’ll take that.

The only true downside to their massive collection is organization. I’ve been going there for over a year, once a week, spending roughly 45 mins in the place each time and I still can’t figure out how things are grouped. The only order I can see it domestic up front Belgium and imports in the back. They have some brewers grouped together, some of them are all over the place, something that’s in the refrigerator is not necessarily on the shelf and vice versa. Its confusing to say the least and I really wish they would label sections and group beer by style not breweries. Its like going to a bookstore and everything is organized by publisher. But then again I’m not even sure that’s what they do just taking a stab. They explained it to me once but didn’t make sense then and still doesn’t make sense.

Service: When I was a neub here they always asked if I needed help, now they don’t even bother me, which is a good thing. AJ, a recent addition to their team, is the beer manager and he’s a great guy to chat up and talk beer with. He’s an excellent addition and I recommend, if you need help, just ask for AJ and don’t even waste your time with anyone else.

Prices: Well the place isn’t the cheapest but its average for the selection and one of the cheaper places in Jersey City. You can rest assured that you will not be ripped off but you are not going to get the absolute best price, but 80% of the beer here you’re not going to find anywhere else so I guess you will get the best price, the only price.

Overall: This is a great place that puts other liquor stores’ beer selection to shame. For anyone interested in craft beer new and old, this is your one stop shop. Putting the organization and special order issues aside this is really a beer heaven and if you are headed over the holland tunnel, pull over and give this place a try, you’ll be glad you did.

Super Buy Rite
(across from Home Depot)