Captain Lawrence Imperial IPA 9% ABV 80 IBU

It isn’t everyday u find a sampling station in a supermarket sampling beer, so I gave the stand a try. Turns out they had an assortment of Captain Lawrence brews on hand, of which some I’ve had but the Captain Lawrence Imperial IPA stood out like Dad chaperoning his kid at a Justin Bieber concert. As I walked away I took one sip of the sample thinking ehhh this is going to be just another brew,  then it hit my lips and I swear I saw rainbows and unicorns parade through the Whole Foods.

I turned around and picked up a few bottles and made a B line for the register. Today I offer you Captain Lawrence Imperial IPA in this video review.

Side Note: Captain Lawrence, please label your bottles with a bottling date and alcohol content. Its super annoying not knowing if I have a fresh bottle or the alcohol content in said bottle.

Please enjoy the video above and leave any comments or questions below. PROST!

Stay Thirsty but Stay Different!

Captain Lawrence Imperial IPA