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Out of the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in Northern California comes an IPA called Celebration Fresh Hop Ale (6.8 ABV, 65 IBU). The brewery’s website says that “[t]he long, cold nights of winter are a little brighter…” with Celebration. It is beautiful amber in color, has a wonderful head and a great smelling fruity aroma. This ale has a gentle taste and an aftertaste that didn’t fizz out too quickly. Like a good winter beer it feels good and warm once consumed.


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I just happened to have some Stone IPA in my fridge and did a little impromptu comparison. Stone IPA is one of my all time favorite IPAs. Its also a California made micro like Celebration. I have to admit that the Celebration was tastier. It had a heartier aftertaste. The Celebration’s smell was also more savory. To my utter and complete surprise I have to go with the Celebration being the better beer. At least for now anyway. The Celebration has my vote to be a year rounder instead of a seasonal and is definately one of my top choice beers. Cheers.