Keg Tap Christmas Beers

Tis the season…for drinking.  During this time of year there is something special about hanging with the family, watching the snow fall (unless you live in the south) and enjoying a special Christmas beers.  Below are three seasonal Christmas beers that I would suggest trying to get your hands on.  Crack them open and share with your friends and family.

1. St. Bernardus – Christmas Ale 

St Bernadus Christmas

credit: Bernt Rostad of

This is one of my all time favorite Christmas beers.  Many craft beer drinkers are not a stranger to St. Bernardus and to be honest, this can be a great entry beer for non-craft drinkers.  This christmas version of their quad is pumped full of dark fruit esters and sweetness with a smooth finish.  A great beer to enjoy no matter who you are.  This quad has a wonderful spice that is not overpowering, still loaded with plenty of dark fruit and has a slightly high alcohol content that is very well hidden.  This is a special beer to be shared with special people.  So, cut the fruit cake and follow it up with a St. Bernardus Christmas Ale

2. Sierra Nevada – Celebration Ale

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

credit: Steven Guzzardi of

Even though this is the season for stouts, porters and other malt forward beers, I appreciate having a hoppy seasonal beer.  Sierra Nevada’s Celebration Ale does not disappoint and has been one of my favorite seasonal releases.  Hate spices in your beer? No problem…Celebration is your beer.  This fresh hopped American IPA explodes with pine and citrus hop aroma and flavor.  The beautiful amber/ruby appearance showcases the wonderful toasty malt backbone of this beer.  This smooth drinking IPA is perfect to sip on while sitting in front of the Christmas tree you dragged home.  Cheers to Celebration!

3. Bell’s – Christmas Ale

Bells Christmas Ale

credit: Ted Thompson of

This is a beer I always appreciate drinking when back in the Mitten aka Michigan visiting family during the holidays.  This beer is a session beer so you can enjoy many without fear of finding yourself trying to fight Santa later.  This malt forward beer is balanced to showcase some wonderful pale and toasted malt giving it a wonderful bready and toffee flavor.  The hop aroma and flavor is floral and somewhat earthy.  This is another Christmas beer that is not spiced so as not to destroy your palate in the case you were going to slay some whales later during a bottle share.

So, whether you are curling up with your significant other, hanging with the family or sitting at home by yourself during this Christmas season, pick up some of the above beers and cheers to the most wonderful time of the year.