Moving Parts

Often times when people talk about moving parts they are talking about its negative impact on a certain process and how there that process is muddled by too many hurdles. Too many moving parts is the catch phrase used by all corporate downsizes and or corporate takeovers across the globe. For Victory Brewing company they are taking that concept of Moving Parts and redefining its use. Instead of it being fodder for negative corporate downsizing Victory is using the concept to highlight how one cog in the process of beer making can completely change a beer. To that they present the Moving Parts series of beers, where each batch will alternate one or two ingredients. I had the opportunity to taste the first batch in  this series and I’m excited about the prospect of this beer and the experiment/education they will bring to the beer community.

Moving Parts Batch 01

Moving Parts

Aroma: A peppery spicy note with a touch of pine and herbs. Smells like a hoppy pilsner.

Taste: Peppery spice up front with an herbal/flowery middle of the mouth finishing with a big piney finish. The beer finished dry and crisp but the hops lingered on your tongue.

Overall: Upon first drinking this IPA you realize this is very unlike any of the IPAs currently sold on the market. It has a flavor profile and aroma that really make you scratch your head and wonder what was used in this recipe. I’m used to the big west coast American IPAs that are grapefruit forward  and this IPA is a different beer all together. The more I imbibed the more I felt a sort of familiarity with this beer and it hit me, it tastes like a big  hoppy Pilsner. It had those German notes, that crisp finish, that spicy noble hops characteristic and that’s when this beer changed for me. As an American IPA I thought it fell too far from style but as a Pilsner, I think it’s perfect.

This idea of shifting ingredients made me think about how Victory is going to highlight what they changed. I would like to know the ingredients and how each batch differs from the previous. If we as the public can’t really follow the process we are just drinking a beer that changes all the time, which to me loses the experimentation aspect of this process.

I’m looking forward to future iterations of the Moving Parts series but my curiosity extends to knowing what’s going on. In order to follow that change and fully immerse us into the process, Victory needs to share the changes and or the ingredient list so we are invested in this beer.