Deep Ellum Brewery Company

I few weeks ago I decided to take a trip to Deep Ellum, a neighborhood in Dallas where we find Deep Ellum Brewery Company. I had heard of this place from a few local craft beer makers, but could never confirm its existence, since it has only been in business a few months. So I decided to set out on this journey in hopes of locating this mythical micro-brewery. Given the name Deep Ellum, I had conjured images in my mind of what this place may look like. For some reason, I thought of the epic Hollywood film Lord of the Rings, where I would find the location somewhere in Middle-Earth between Mordor and Rohan. As I drove to the general area, I noticed the neighbor appeared to be in a state of transition from industrial to a weird Austin/Seattle Vibe scenery. Nevertheless, I had arrived. The brewery was small but inviting and intimate, the cover price was $10 for four 12oz beers plus a souvenir glass. Being a hophead, I went straight for the IPA. To my disappoint they had ran out before I even arrived, I couldn’t tell you if it was that good or if low quantities had been stocked. Leaving few options of beers I was interested in, I decided to try their specialty beer Farmhouse Wit.


The witbier or wheat beer was blended with a saison (season) style beer. Aahhh….I must say, this was the perfect choice for a hot summer day. The beer was a light earth tone color, with a slight fruity taste, yet a bit hoppy for a witbier. It was a delicate balance that all came together, hence the name, farmhouse wit, a great blend with rye and wheat. Deep Ellum, I must say you got something special going on here, keep it up!

On a side note, I also had the opportunity of meeting back stage (technically front stage) a local Texas Band, Driftin’ Outlaws. They played at Deep Ellum Brewery that same afternoon. Just wanted to send a quick shot out to them.