Dogfish Head Red & White – 10%ABV

I had Dogfish Head Red & White on draft one night at Iron Monkey and wanted to do a review of it. I picked up a bottle and decided to give it a whirl. First of all, let me say that this is unlike any witbier I’ve ever had. Then again, Dogfish Head is known for going outside the boundaries of conventional brewing. First, the color. It’s a clear amber/golden, almost orange in color. Most witbiers I’ve ever seen are an opaque white, with a hint of yellow hue. Not this one. The taste is different as well, influenced by the oak barrel aging and the pinot noir juice added during the brewing process. It’s a good beer, but definitely not something you would expect if you saw the word “witbier” when defining it.

Our credo is “Stay Thirsty, But Stay Different.” Dogfish Head Red & White is just that. Cheers!

Dogfish Head Red & White

Dogfish Head Red & White bottle photo by the__photographer of