Last night I found myself looking for a beer to buy that my wife would enjoy as much as I would enjoy. Walking through my local beer mega-mart I picked up Dogfish Head Theobroma for me and Brooklyn Sorachi Ace for her. As I stared at the shelves and shelves of beer double fisted with a beer bottle in each hand I hear “That’s a great beer, you’ll love it” I look to my right and ask the gentleman which one and he replied “the Sorachi.” I said thank you its for my wife and proceeded to make a beeline for the register. At the register he chatted me up again and told me about the Sah’tea he had the night before. Now I saw this at two watering holes before but shied away from it because of the tea flavors. He went on to say how great it is and how the tea flavors really come through and that was it I ran back to the shelf put the Sorachi back and grabbed the Sah’tea.

Over dinner I poured some for me and my wife and immediately you get the smell of tea from the bottle. It has an amber color with great head that filled my red wine glass just right (for a review on glasses visit the article Beer Foul). As you smell the tea and taste the beer you get the aroma of spices and a subtle tea flavor with a creamy quality. The aftertaste takes the black tea and smacks you in the face like cheating boyfriend on All My Children and reminds you that this is a black tea beer.

What did the five fingers say to Dogfish Head? SMACK! (cheesy Dave Chappelle reference)

After a glass and a half my wife had that glaze in her eye, like watching when DiCaprio let go of Kate Winslet’s hand in Titanic, only with a smile from ear to ear. I knew right there that I have scored a hit and after I finished of the rest of the bottle, I was ready to take on the world and let everyone know, Sah’tea is awesome and a must try with your spouse. Stay Thirsty, Stay Different!