Greetings fellow beer lovers. Keeping with the theme of tasting winter warmers or seasonal beers on the KT tonight I tasted a hoppy brown ale from Oakshire Brewing located in Eugene, Oregon. The name and the label I like: Ill Tempered Gnome winter ale (ABV 6.8, IBU 65). This is the first time that I’ve tried any style of beer from this brewery. I wasn’t impressed or disappointed with this malty ale. Its color was a strong dark reddish brown with an inconspicuous brown light head. It was also cloudy and grainy common with this type of beer.

This pissed off gnome had a subtle smell but what I really liked was its taste and after taste (ok I also enjoyed the grainy particles floating about, ha). This ale had a coffee like “stouty” taste and a finish that stuck around which was pleasing to me. I am not a big fan of the aftertaste of beer disappearing like Herman Cain. For my palate this ale was good but not great. I would buy it again because of the strong finish. Cheers.