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No Beer Sign by fridgeuk of

Double Take IPA – ABV 6.9%, 70 IBU

Double Take IPA from New York (or is it?). The beer’s label states that the beer is “brewed by Brewmaster’s Choice in Rochester, NY.” But here’s the paradox … the label (and beer’s website) implies the beers comes from a brewery called Double Take Brewing Co. hence the name. The site describes the company as one that makes “premium craft beer” however the only thing is there isn’t a craft brewery that actually brews the premium craft beer at least one that I could identify on said site or by researching it on the internet. This is something that is not usually difficult to find. Well according to the company is owned by the Winery Exchange from California and Hook & Ladder Brewing Company from Maryland. The Winery Exchange self describes as “the only full-service private brand beverage alcohol company that sources beer, wine and spirits from the finest regions worldwide.” On the Double Take’s website contact us section it says “Double Take Beer is produced by: Brewmasters Choice” and gives a phone number and an email ending with a link to the winery exchange website. The maker’s of this beer state that “its a head snapper.”

Well I have to agree that this beer and its makers are a head snapping disappointment. This appears to be a case of corporate deceitfulness trying to capitalize on the craft/micro brew anti-corporate expectation. I bought a six pack of this crap at Safeway where it was mixed in with true micros. After getting home with this beer and researching it I have to admit that I was not a happy beer camper. Shame on you corporations for pissing on this niche.