This beer was another gem from Jim Koch and the Boston Beer Co.  Looking at this, one might think of Guinness or some other heavy dark beer. The body is extremely dark brown, almost completely black. It’s pretty thick as well, so it doesn’t change color much when you hold it up to the light. This one ought to be pretty filling. It has a thick tan head, which tried to hang on and float above the beer like a giant cloud, but died fairly quickly and thinned out as I pulled on it.  I enjoyed getting fluffy sections of it as I took each sip, kind of like I was enjoying a big fluffy mouthful of chocolate-flavored cotton candy at the county fair. The aroma was one that made my nostrils reminisce over hot cocoa and caramel. Definite chocolate element in this one.

Tasting this was much the same as smelling it – plenty of thick chocolate flavor dancing all over your taste buds. I noticed a bit of creaminess in it as well, maybe some sweetness too, which made it a bit smoother and helped ease off any bitterness that may be around. While there was some present, the creaminess of the beer took away from all of that. But the overwhelming dominance was the chocolate. Perhaps any hint of bitterness could be chalked up to the dark chocolate element, which you can definitely taste in this.

I liked this beer, although for a bock it seemed a little odd. I guess because this is also a chocolate beer, it’s ok to fall outside the range of conventional characterization. Overall, this is a nice beer to pour into your glass, let it sit and warm a bit so the true flavor really starts to shine (most of these darker varieties are better when they warm anyway, the extra cold kills their flavor) and then curl up with your better half in front of the fire. I’ve been a fan of just about everything Sam Adams has put out, although some of their beers have that hop presence that can be a bit much for my liking. This isn’t one of them. Give it a try, I bet in the cold winter months you’ll grab one of these and maybe even throw some marshmallows in. Enjoy…


Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock