As I walked out the restaurant just having lunch, it stared at me like a pedophile with candy inviting me to stop in for a brew but I had to get back to work. Lucky for me a buddy of mine wanted to indulge in a New Brunswick Happy Hour that day, so I suggested the George Street Ale House. Quitting time!

Walking in to the gastropub as they call it, we were greeted by two hostesses and we promptly opted for a bar seat. Making a B Line for the tap, we were greeted by Michelle with the Wayfarer spectacles and the red tie. After getting a basic run down of the 2 for 1 special on beer for happy hour, my first round consisted of Stone Levitation. The beer itself was hoppy with about an inch of head with a red/amber color, the flavor was more akin to a light IPA.  It was good, but a little more hoppy then I was expecting so I did a once over on the beer menu, but as I stared at the menu something glared at me from the top shelf. Like a topless dancer in a gentlemen’s club, it was screaming to be looked at.  I look up and to my surprise I see Ommegang Three Philosophers, SCORE! I asked Michelle about the policy on beer in bottles and on tap and she said it was the same, 2 for 1. After enjoying my Stone Levitation, I noticed a green handle that I couldn’t make out, so I asked Michelle what it was. She muttered something I didn’t understand but heard Dogfish Head and thought how bad can that be, its Dogfish head. She went on to mention it being an ancient Aztec recipe for beer that included chocolate and chili and my buddy quickly asked for a sample. We got a small taste and my buddy wasn’t that impressed, liking it more to a soda than a beer. I disagreed and asked for whole glass and I was really happy I did because I can always have Three Philosophers another time and this was great interestingly flavored beer.

As the night progressed, I started to throw questions at Michelle testing her beer knowledge and to my surprise she was highly educated in the beers on tap offering suggestions commenting on flavor profiles of the beers. This staff meant business and they knew their product, always a sign of a great establishment. We proceeded to order food and we enjoyed our dinner but we were really there for the beer so as a restaurant I will only say this, they had some great items on the menu noting the truffle mac and cheese, the Das Burger and truffled frites (fries). I opted for the fish and chips which to my surprise was just ehhhh. The fish although nicely battered and tasty, were small pieces and the chips were soggy fries. Stick to the original thick cut fries and please try not to serve soggy fries.

In the end I enjoyed my time there and will definitely revisit this establishment soon. The selection of beer and the knowledgeable staff make this watering hole a stand out amongst the others in the area and I commend their efforts and the efforts of good customer service that Michelle offered. Cheers!