I’m a visual learner so when I see material, whether that be digital or physical, that is aesthetically pleasing  I get the feels. Combine that with something I’m interested in (beer) and I’m get like a 13 year old boy with a sock and hand lotion, excited. So when I got my hands on Canned!: Artwork of the Modern American Beer Can, I got weak in the knees, I could hardly speak, I lost all control and I wrote about it!

Canned!: Artwork of the Modern American Beer Can

Canned!: Artwork of the Modern American Beer Can

The book is a hefty weight and its hard cover and jacket makes this book feel important, like someone put thought and energy not into just the book but the feel of it, the paper, the jacket, the regal emblem on the … I need a moment!

So what is this book about? Its a collection of photographs of different craft beer cans throughout the country that chronicles the rise of the canned craft beer movement and highlights its artwork . Simple in idea but so impactful. The book rightfully starts off paying homage to the first craft beer to be canned, Dale’s Pale ale by Oskar Blues which sets the stage for all of the cans inside.


The book is divided into regions (Northeast, Midwest etc) some of which are very liberal interpretations of regions. The cans are  thoughtfully displayed and photographed with a blurb on each beer. Like did you know that the designer of the Sierra Nevada green icon labels got paid in ten cases of beer?

The book includes gems like Heady Topper, Gandhi-bot, Resin, Jai Alai (which I had no idea was named after a game of the same name) but leaves out all mention of Jersey beers :( No Carton Boat beer or Carton 077XX. Maybe in volume 2.

I leave you with this gem of  a beer I found in this book! Big Cock IPA

Overall: This is probably the best coffee table, craft beer book on the market. From its size to its heavy weight to its beautiful photos and informative blurbs, this book just beckons to be opened and perused. Its not heavy handed on the craft beer information that deters non-craft beer drinkers. Its a great book to own and proudly display on your coffee table or even as a gift for that someone in your life that loves beer. Cheers!