Gifts photo by Mr Atrocity of

Gifts photo by Mr Atrocity of

It’s that time of year again when we stop pretending we waited on long lines during Black Friday to get gifts for other people and start thinking about what to get for those loved ones in our lives. Now that you got your 60 inch plasma screen for $3 let me give you a few ideas on what gifts for craft beer lovers should be on your list.


Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers Under $25

Beer Infuser (aka Tea Tumbler)

Beer InfuserA few years ago Dogfish Head introduced something called a Randall then a Randall Jr. which are in essence ways to infuse your beer with different flavors at the time of pour. Being that an official Dogfish Head Randall Jr is sold out everywhere, buy the same thing without the brand name on it, a Tea Tumbler by Trudeau. $11 While you are at it buy a bag of leaf hops so they can get started right away (I suggest cascade hops).

Brewery T-shirts

Brewery T-ShirtMost Breweries offer t-shirts online for purchase. Find out your loved ones favorite brewery and buy a t-shirt. Price Varies

Brewery Glassware

Beer GlasswareDuring this time of year there are box sets for everything that comes with a specialized glass. I just saw La Fin Du Monde box set that included a bomber of La Fin Du Monde with a La Fin Du Monde glass. Last year I received a Chimay and La Trappe Glass set and I cherish those glasses. Prices Varies

Discount Beer Card (NJ)

NJ Beer CardIn New Jersey there is this card called the NJ Craft Beer Card that gives you discounts to various locations around the state. This is the gift that never stops giving, well at least for the year when it runs out. $20

Cool Bottle Opener

Lucahdor Bottle OpenerThere are a host of novelty bottle openers ranging from little beer mugs to huge wall mounted one. Skip the novelty ones and head straight to the big boy section and get one of these: butterfly bottle opener $3 or the luchador bottle opener. $9


Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers Over $25

Home Brewing Starter Kit

Homebrew KitEvery craft beer lover has that thought at one time or another of making their own beer. One that rivals all of the beers they’ve had and embodies all of their likes in a glass. One day turn pro and live out the good life of brewing all day and working your tail off. So why not get them starter with their very own starter kit like this one from my favorite home brew store.

Beer Books

Oxford Companion to Beer Garret Oliver, Brew Master of Brooklyn Brewery, wrote a fantastic reference book on beer called The Oxford Companion to Beer this is a staple for anyone breaking in and wanting to learn more about history and beer culture around the world. $38

Beer Smith 2.1

Beer SmithIf your loved one is a home brewer and doesn’t have Beer Smith, #1 shame on him/her #2 buy this right now! This is the ultimate program that helps you through the process of home brewing and creating/designing your own recipes. $28

Home Brewing Equipment Upgrades

Wort Chiller

If your home brewer is new he/she probably doesn’t have the larger pricier items, if that’s the case consider one of these:  wort chiller,  propane burners.

You’re probably thinking, wait so I don’t gift beer? That’s right folks what I’m saying is don’t gift beer. Why? Everyone has different tastes and likes different kinds of styles so unless you are really sure what style and beer someone likes don’t do it. You might be giving someone a bottle of something they would never drink, in that case tell them to call me.

There you have it, my list of gifts for craft beer lovers, if you have any questions or comments please reach out to me or leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you right away.