As I open up my beer frig to see what’s inside, I can’t help but notice the Goose staring back at me saying “please drink me” so I must comply. I apologize in advance to my fellow Keg Tap crew since we were supposed to drink this bottle together.

photo by Bernt Rostad of

I paid $7 for this 650ml bomber bottle which is a really good price. At first pour, it has a nice golden color and nice half inch of head, which is always a beautiful sight to behold. When you first smell the beer you can’t help but notice the aroma of the hops and that’s when I usually don’t even bother drinking, since I don’t like the taste of strong hoppy beers. Thankfully you also have a nice aroma of citrus and a nice caramel note. As far as taste you can’t but notice the mild hoppy taste which I’m not usually a fan of but it actually works in this beer. You also get a hint of caramel malt and fruit. As I take my first sip I get a crisp smooth yet dry taste with a mild tart sweetness. Even though I was at first skeptical about this beer. I’m glad I put aside my hatred for hoppy beer or I would’ve missed out on a really good beer.