Every year I eagerly await the start of the baseball season and this year is no exception! To me 50% of the excitement of the baseball season is enjoying the spectacle of baseball. Looking onto a field and watching the bleachers cast shadows on the perfectly manicured outfield. Hearing the crack of the bat when a ball is hit. Hearing the home plate umpire’s take on calling a strike. Watching the umpire call a strikeout and do that Bruce Lee six inch punch move. The suspense as you watch a ball tow the line out of the park only to be at the wrong side of the foul pole. All of this and more make up my experience and make baseball season the best season of the year.

Growing up in the 80s and 90s the team to beat in New York was the New York Mets, so I’m a Mets fan! If anyone would ever ask me to describe the most memorable item at Shea or Citi it would undoubtedly be the Mets Home Run Apple! Seeing that apple raised was a triumph, it was the icing on the cake, it was the pinnacle of all things baseball. During those decades there wasn’t much fan fare to be had after a home run and that was our touchdown dance or post soccer goal run around the field. Today in honor of the Mets and the Home Run Apple I raise my glass to Angry Orchard Green Apple Cider, will this be cause to raise the Mets Apple or just be that foul ball you thought was going to be a home run.


Angry Orchard Green Apple Cider

I love Green Apples, that sweet yet tart taste has always been preferred to me over the Red Delicious. It gives my apple depth and complexity not just cloyingly sweet, so I was eager to try Angry Orchard Green Apple Cider.

Pouring: Green Apple is super clear and smells like apple juice! If you’re saying “well duh, its cider” then you clearly haven’t tasted high quality cider which can have an antiseptic quality to it.  No head whatsoever but that’s common with ciders.

Taste: to be completely transparent, it tastes like really fresh apple juice. If someone offered this to me in a glass and didn’t tell me it was hard cider, I probably would have never known it contained alcohol. It was a refreshing cider something that I know those who are squeamish about that “Band Aid” quality of ciders would enjoy. I myself have had a lot of high quality ciders that have that Brettanomyces (band aid) flavor to them and are just so off putting I can’t drink them. Thankfully, this had none of that. What it also didn’t have was that tart green apple flavor that I was so eager for. I wanted that slightly puckering tart face with a pinch of sweetness that made go back in for more. I didn’t get that, I got a full frontal of sweet apple juice. 

Overall: This is a really nice cider. Refreshing fresh apple taste that has enough sweetness to mask the alcohol. I wish it was tart to stay in line with the “Green Apples” label but nonetheless it was still a nice cider that I would buy again for functions at my house.

I would recommend this beer as an introduction to cider or for those that don’t like beer but want to drink something that’s refreshing and has alcohol. Some might think its too sweet for their palate and connoisseurs will decry the cider for its lack of tartness but I don’t think Angry Orchard Green Apple Cider  is targeted towards that market.

Let’s oil our gloves and clean out our cleats because baseball season is back! Cheers to the Met’s Home Run Apple and Angry Orchard’s Green Apple Cider!

Let’s go Mets! :)